The Meditation Playlist

Sometimes I like to meditate with music. When I do, these are the CDs I use:
~ Bardo by Jane Winther
~ Gregorian Chant for Meditation by Alberto Turco and Nov Scola Gregoriana
~ Illumination: Peace Gregorian Chants by Dan Gibson/Solitudes
~ Liquid Mind VI: Spirit
~ Mystic Sky: Relaxing Native Flutes (by Dan Gibson/Solitudes)
~ Om Zone by Steven Halpern
~ Relax: A Liquid Mind Experience
~ Relaxation Suite by Steven Halpern
~ Sad Music: Sad Instrumental Piano Songs
~ The Classics by Dan Gibson/Solitudes
~ The River by Michael DeMaria

This is the Pandora Station I play while leading meditation in the Awakening Together Sanctuary.

Posted by Regina Dawn Akers – Thoughts & Teachings on Friday, March 11, 2016