Regina in Oregon – July 2018

Awakening from self to Self

3-Day Retreat in Portland, Oregon

July 20-22, 2018

Regina Dawn Akers

In 2018, Regina is taking more time for personal solitude. As a result, this is her only public retreat in the USA in 2018. The retreat will be held at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon. Accommodations are available at the college, which makes it a perfect retreat for anyone who comes from out of town.

Retreat Description: 

The purpose of the spiritual path is to awaken from the false self to the true Self. But what is the false self? What is the true Self? Are there steps one can take that will cause an awakening? What is grace’s role in awakening? Are there more awakenings than one?

At this retreat, I will answer these questions and more. You will leave this retreat with greater clarity about awakening and the milestones along the way. I will also share specific ideas about how to supercharge your awakening process.


Full Details About the Retreat

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Please direct all questions about this retreat to Jim Peterson, the retreat coordinator. Jim can be reached at or by phone at 503 407-6403.