A Master Teacher and a Little Girl
by Regina Dawn Akers

A Master Teacher and a Little Girl

There was once a master teacher who was renowned for helping people to rid themselves of the final traces of ego. Once, a young girl was brought to this master teacher. The master teacher was told that in spite of her young and tender age, the little girl was nearly enlightened. Her parents brought her to the master teacher so he could help her to rid herself of the last traces of ego.
With permission from the parents to try any method that he thought would be successful, the master teacher walked up to the young girl and struck her on the face. He then turned and started to walk away. But the little girl said, “Please, master teacher. I did not feel a thing. Will you please come back and strike me again?’
The master teacher turned and hit the girl again, this time harder.
“Nothing, master teacher. I feel nothing but love and joy.”
The parents asked the master teacher to try something else. So the master teacher began talking to the girl. He told her that she was worthless. He criticized her for having the audacity to think that she was nearly enlightened. He pointed out every flaw that one could see on her body. But, the girl only smiled.
“I love you, master teacher, and I am grateful for everything you are giving to me. But still, I sense the ego has not been seen here.”
The master teacher began to feel frustrated. Never had anyone come this far without seeing the ego rise up and attack them. He noticed a hatred rising within his mind. He wanted to kill this little girl and devour her.
“I will say one more thing,” the master teacher warned. “And then, I will be done with you!”
“Yes, master teacher,” the little girl smiled. “Say anything!”
But then, the master teacher stopped. He realized in that instant that he was not teaching the little girl. The little girl was teaching him.
The master teacher fell at the little girl’s feet and thanked her through tears of joy. This little girl had helped him to see the ego where he had not seen it before, buried deep within the mind of the master teacher.
The little girl smiled at the man crying at her feet. “Thank you, master teacher,” she whispered gently. “Now, I feel the release of our ego.”


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