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Join my friends and me in my Facebook Group,
Sharing in Contemplation Together.
The purpose of the group is to give us a place to share together in a supportive environment from our spiritual contemplation. A person’s sharing may include his/her inner looking, spiritual inquiry, spontaneous realization or it may include sharing one’s current confusion and asking questions. We share openly in the group as peers. Our shared purpose is awakening.
People may share in this group as part of a curriculum they are going through with Regina, such as the Sufi Contemplation Group, the Minister Preparation Program (MPP), or the NTI Discussion Group. This is also a good place to share based on your contemplation of the Awakening Together Daily Quote. However, you do not need to be a part of these groups to share here. Everyone is welcome.
The people in the Facebook group agree to maintain the group as an intimate sharing space. In order to maintain the purpose of the group and not let it drift to other purposes, the group has guidelines that all members are asked to follow:
~ We request that everyone refrain from making general posts in the group. Examples of general posts are quotes, event announcements or links to songs or teachings without any direct sharing from the one posting. If a quote, song or teaching inspires you or brings up a question, feel free to post it along with your sharing about it.
~ The group is a place for supporting one another. Those who post in the group are trusting us with thoughts that they may not be fully comfortable revealing. We honor their trust with an atmosphere of respect. We recognize that not everyone sees things in the same way and as a result, debate happens. However, debate is not the purpose of this particular group. Thank you for following this guideline and refraining from challenging one another’s views.
~ Everyone is led on the journey of spiritual awakening by unique inner guidance. As individuals, we experience the journey of awakening differently. These natural differences are permitted in the group. We don’t ask everyone to see, think and realize in the same way. We respect each other and each one’s spiritual path. We allow each one to be where he/she is, and we do not ask others to be where we are or think as we think. We allow awakening to unfold naturally and we trust That which causes awakening, that which some call Grace.
~ The group is a safe group for intimate spiritual sharing. It is a closed group. Many members share openly in the group because they know it is a closed and respectful group with a shared purpose. Please honor their trust by following our guidelines. Also, do not post what you read in the group elsewhere without first asking permission from the one who posted it. It may not be intended for sharing beyond the group.
If a group like this sounds right for you, please join us.
Regina Dawn Akers