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From Thoughts of Awakening: 365 Thoughts for Contemplation


365 Thoughts of Awakening
~52~ Remember your Self. Stay true to your Heart and that which you truly want. Your brother is your Self and your path of true forgiveness. Letting go of the ego, as you see it in him, is letting go of the ego as you see it in you. ~From our Holy Spirit


Thoughts of Awakening: 365 Thoughts for Contemplation is a book that came through Regina, one thought at a time, when she asked for help with the split mind. At that time, she rested easily in the right mind in the morning, when she was focused on contemplation and writing with Spirit. However, when she moved on to more worldly tasks in the afternoon and evening, she slipped back into the wrong mind. She found the difference between the peace of the right mind in the morning and the noise of the wrong mind the rest of the day to be intolerable. Finally she cried out for help.
When Regina asked for help with the painful contrast of the split mind, new thoughts began to come to her daily during her morning contemplation. At the time she called them “Single Quiet Thoughts.” Each day she would write the thought down and it with her in her back pocket. She reviewed the current day’s thought multiple times throughout the day, especially whenever she noticed that she was slipping into the wrong mind.

After practicing in this way with 365 thoughts, Regina was stabilized in the right mind throughout the day regardless of what seemed to be going on in her life.
If you are interested in the right mind as a consistent experience, consider practicing with the Thoughts of Awakening like Regina did. Book mark this page, and then check it each morning for the day’s current Thought of Awakening.

Contemplate these simple thoughts everyday & throughout the day for the best results.