About Awakening Together

Here is an introduction to Awakening Together, which I founded in 2013:
There is consistent wisdom in the universe. It shows up in all religions, in philosophy, in all cultures and throughout time. This wisdom is not unique or new. It is owned by no one and by no organization. No one has to go to a special place or special teacher to find it. It is the most abundant wisdom in the universe. Once one opens his/her heart to this wisdom, it appears everywhere by the hand of universal grace.
There is also a way of not seeing universal wisdom. We all have the ability to be distracted from it by self-limiting and segmenting beliefs.

What is Awakening Together?

Awakening Together is an online universal assembly of peers dedicated to recognizing and embracing universal wisdom regardless of the form in which it appears. We are also dedicated to recognizing the ways we deny universal wisdom by adopting personal beliefs and biases. We want to recognize these limitations so we can free ourselves from them and open to the continuous flow of universal wisdom.

Our Purpose:

We are an assembly of equals joined in common purpose: Awakening to one true Self. Within an appearance of many faiths, many cultures and many symbols, we seek to discern one truth and to rest in its embrace.

Our Core Values:

1. We trust everyone is led by unique inner guidance to one experience, called awakening, which is realization of one true Self. We live this value by supporting one another on different paths of awakening.
2. We realize everyone is equal and no one has been given spiritual intuition that is an authority over the spiritual intuition of others. We live this value by listening to each other, respecting each other, and allowing each one to be where he/she is.
3. We accept one true Self, which is one Presence or Being, non-dual, without beginning or end, and absolutely changeless. We live this value by practicing letting go of the belief in the individual self as who we are.
4. We affirm one true Self as the only truth. We live this value by embracing what is helpful on the path of awakening without idolizing any spiritual doctrine as truth.
5. We accept all forms as temporary appearances permitted through enduring awareness of Self. We live this value by honoring all appearances and all experiences while continually reflecting on changeless truth.


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